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Metatarsal pads relieve pain under the forefoot with a massaging effect with every step.

Indications for Comfortact™ Plus EPITACT® metatarsal pads
Do your daily activities require you to stand for long periods of time, but pain is preventing you from living them to the full?
Comfortact™ Plus EPITACT® pads effectively prevent and relieve everyday pain under the forefoot (calluses, overheating, aging plantar pad, prolonged standing...).
Thanks to their EPITHELIUM 26® silicone gel, which distributes pressure over the entire support area, they deactivate the horn formation process and prevent the formation of calluses.
Their strong point: comfort! These metatarsal pads are covered in gel beads with a massaging effect for optimum comfort with every step.

The EPITHELIUM 26® silicone gel patent
Laboratory-tested and validated, EPITHELIUM 26® is a silicone gel capable of distributing pressure and absorbing friction on the skin. It is patented as a "genuine substitute for human plantar padding".
In fact, it has the same physical, mechanical and viscoelastic characteristics as plantar padding. Comfortact™ Plus pads therefore compensate for the failure of this subcutaneous tissue and effectively relieve hyperpressure under the forefoot.

How to use Comfortact™ Plus pads
Wash metatarsal pads before 1st use and after each use.
For optimum comfort, wear them next to the skin (except on an unprotected wound) under stockings, tights or socks.

Contraindications for EPITACT® pads
Do not use metatarsal pads on skin lesions.
For people with diabetes, arteritis, polyneuritis, neuropathy of the lower limbs or varicose ulcers: ask your doctor or podiatrist for advice, and monitor your foot during use. The strap can cause friction between the toes. Diabetics suffering from neuropathy are therefore advised to avoid this solution.

Number of items: sold in pairs
Right/Left: one pad for the right foot, one pad for the left foot
Pack contents: 1 pair of metatarsal pads + 1 wash net
Composition: 84% silicone, 16% polyamide/elastane fabric
How do I care for my Comfortact™ Plus pads?
Comfortact™ Plus metatarsal pads are machine-washable at 30°C or hand-washable (without rubbing) with soap and water. No chlorination. No ironing or steaming. No tumble drying. Do not dry-clean. Discard and replace pads as soon as fabric or seams deteriorate.

What are metatarsalgia and calluses?
Metatarsalgia is pain located under the forefoot, opposite the metatarsal heads. They result from hyper-pressure under the forefoot, caused or encouraged by foot deformity, age, prolonged standing, overweight, melting of the plantar pad, and so on. As a result of excessive pressure, the skin reacts defensively and thickens locally. This area of hard, yellowish skin is called a callus.

What's the difference between Comfortact™ Plus and conventional foot pads?
The role of these two devices is similar, thanks to the EPITHELIUM 26® silicone gel. Unlike plantar pads, Comfortact™ Plus metatarsal pads have been developed to offer maximum comfort. In fact, they feature an ultra-comfortable ergonomic interdigital flange for those with sensitive skin between the toes. The gel module is also covered with microbeads that provide a massaging effect with every step.

How to choose the right size of metatarsal pads?
Comfortact™ Plus pads are sized according to your shoe size. Refer to the size chart. If you hesitate between two sizes, prefer the smaller one.