All Bluetens devices are sold under the Bluetens manufacturer's warranty. 

The Manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the product if a malfunction appears within 24 (twenty-four) months from the confirmation of the sale, on presentation of the invoice which is equivalent to a guarantee certificate. The warranty extends to the parts and labor required to restore to working order. The battery has a 6 month warranty following purchase.

The Manufacturer may, at its discretion, remedy the failure within a reasonable time , or replace the product with another in good working order. The warranty does not cover the natural wear and tear of the parts.

The Manufacturer may in no case be claimed for the payment of any sum for any reason whatsoever, in particular but without this either limiting, in respect of the temporary immobilization of the Product, a disturbance, a loss of control, a loss of profit, an operating loss or any other damage of the same nature. p>

Claims made under guarantees must be sent by email to the after-sales service at the following address:

products covered by the warranty must be returned complete and in their condition and original packaging after receipt of confirmation of the claim by the service after-sales.

The warranty is excluded in cases where product failures are caused by:

- breakage due to accidents, incidents or connections that do not comply with the user manual and / or these general conditions of sale;
- power supply failures;
- a computer virus;
- use of the Product other than that for which it was designed and manufactured;
- failure to observe the assembly, use or maintenance instructions;
- modifications, maintenance or interventions not carried out by the Bluetens specialist service or its authorized representatives approved for this purpose;
- the addition or use of parts, components or accessories other than those sold or recommended by Bluetens.


COROS products are manufactured to the highest possible quality standards. However, in the rare event that one suffers from quality issues, we stand behind our products. COROS offers a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase for watches . All accessories are covered by a 90 days warranty.

If you encounter a problem with your product resulting from a manufacturing defect manufacturing , COROS will help you replace your product or resolve your problem.

Simply contact us by email at  and we will help you file a claim under warranty.

What is not covered by this limited warranty

This limited warranty applies only to products used in accordance with this limited warranty and the documentation published by COROS, and does not cover:

Products modified outside factory specifications and / or not in factory condition.

Products whose serial number and / or factory identification labels have been altered, whether removed, relocated, fa lsified, spoiled, damaged, altered or made illegible.

Damage to the body of the product, whether cut, scratched, deformed, bent , cracked, dented or broken.

Any damage to the components, material and / or assembly of the Products, including, but not limited to limited thereto, damage caused as a result of negligence, abuse, accident, misuse or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress.

Any missing material, components and / or assemblies of the product.

Cosmetic damage considered apart from reasonable use caused by deep scratches, cuts, cracks, dents, discoloration, neglect, dropping or mishandling of the product.

Products exposed to liquids, liquid residues or excessive environments damp causing rust, moisture, moisture, stains, corrosion or liquid spills on components, hardware or electronics. Component burns or outbreaks as a result of liquid accident or spill.

Direct use of paint, submersion of power supply in oil, use of adhesives or glues on any part of the product, use of solder on the product, modification of electronics and / or components.

Exposure to cigarette tar residue, moisture, sand, dirt or excessive debris.

Products rendered inoperative due to accident, collision with an object or tool, use of excessive force, neglect of care, exposure to fire or abnormal heat , flooding, dirt, windstorms, lightning, earthquakes, excessive weather conditions other force majeure, theft, blown fuses, misuse of any electrical source or circuitry electrical overloads.

Defects or damage resulting from the use of a third party product in conjunction or in connection with accessories, products, software or secondary peripheral equipment not supplied for use with or approved for the Product by COROS.

Defects or damage resulting from testing, operation , incorrect maintenance, installation, service or adjustment not supplied or approved by COROS.

The use of packaging 'Inadequate shipment or use of improper packaging material resulting in damage to the product during transit with the original purchaser's or second-hand purchaser's courier.