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Hallux valgus day orthosis relieves pain on the "bunion" in the shoe and corrects the deformity when walking.

Indications for the EPITACT® day hallux valgus orthosis
With the hallux valgus day orthosis, forget your pain and enjoy your activities to the full!
The EPITACT® hallux valgus orthosis realigns your big toe when walking, relieves joint pain and protects your "bunion" in shoes.
Thanks to its patented pattern that keeps the big toe aligned, it combats the factors that aggravate deformity (widening of the forefoot, position of the big toe and first metatarsal, etc.).
Ultra-thin, the hallux valgus orthosis fits in all your closed shoes.
This model fits both right and left feet.

Effectiveness tests for the hallux valgus day orthosis
More than 7 out of 10 people reported a reduction in joint pain, rubbing pain and repositioning of their big toe after 1 month's use of the corrective day orthosis(1).
(1) Study carried out in May 2011 on 39 participants with hallux valgus.
Patented technology
Combined with ultra-thin elastic fabric, the patented EPITHELIUM FLEX™ silicone tendon exerts sufficient lateral traction on the big toe to straighten it.

Instructions for use
Check that your toe is still laterally mobile.
Wash the orthosis before using it for the first time.
The level of correction can be adjusted by applying more or less tension to the tendon on your foot: on the first day, don't try to correct the big toe. Then, over a 10-day period, gradually correct the deviation by pulling the device backwards.
The device must be worn daily for optimum effectiveness.

Contraindications of the hallux valgus orthosis
Do not use over skin lesions.
Do not use if the big toe is no longer laterally mobile.
For people with diabetes, arteritis, polyneuritis, neuropathy of the lower limbs or varicose ulcers: ask your doctor or chiropodist for advice, and monitor your foot during use.

Number of items: sold individually
Right/Left: can be worn on either foot
Package contents: 1 orthosis + 1 washing net + 1 instruction leaflet
Composition: 58% silicone, 42% polyamide/elastane fabric
How to care for your orthosis
The hallux valgus day orthosis is machine-washable at 30°C or hand-washable (without rubbing) with soap and water. Do not chlorinate. Do not iron or steam. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry-clean. Discard and replace as soon as gel cracks appear, or fabric or seams deteriorate.

Can I wear the flexible hallux valgus orthosis at night?
The EPITACT® daytime hallux valgus orthosis is specially designed to adapt to the foot in the shoe, and to work during the day when walking. At night, it is preferable to wear the hallux valgus splint, which will be more effective and comfortable during sleep.

How do I choose the right size?
Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your foot just before the "bunion". Then transfer the measurement to the size guide. If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the smaller one.

Is this orthosis compatible with insoles?
If you already wear orthopedic inserts, consult your doctor or podiatrist. Depending on the reason for which the insoles are prescribed, the combination with a corrective orthosis for hallux valgus may run the risk of "overcorrecting" the deformity.

Is it normal for the gel tablet not to fall onto the bunion?
Yes, the silicone gel pad should be placed before the bunion, as it has a dual role: it prevents the orthosis from sliding forward, and it pushes back the first metatarsal.