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Heel spur heel pads to prevent and relieve heel pain when walking.

Indications for EPITACT® heel pads for heel spurs
EPITACT® heel pads prevent and relieve heel pain caused by heel spur and plantar fasciitis when walking. Thanks to their shock-absorbing properties, they also reduce joint pain and backache caused by the shock waves that pass through the body with each step.

How do they work?
The effectiveness of heel pads for plantar fasciitis is based on a triple benefit:
Relieve pain: by raising the heel a few millimetres, they reduce tension on the plantar fascia, thereby reducing painful inflammation.
Preserve tendons and joints: the Physio'Choc™ platform dissipates the energy generated when the foot impacts the ground and guarantees optimal cushioning with every stride.
Offer great comfort when walking: the Epithelium™ silicone gel heel cup core limits pressure on the painful area.
The materials used in heel pads for heel spurs have been validated by podiatrists.

How to use EPITACT® heel pads
Heel pads for heel spurs should be worn with socks, stockings or tights.
Before 1st use, remove the protective film covering the double-sided adhesive, then position the heel pads in the shoe.
If the heel pads are too wide for the shoe, they can easily be cut to the required width with a pair of scissors.

Contraindications for plantar fasciitis heel pads
Do not use heel pads on skin lesions.
For people with diabetes, arteritis, polyneuritis, neuropathy of the lower limbs or varicose ulcers: ask your doctor or chiropodist for advice, and monitor your foot during use.

Number of items: sold in pairs
Right/Left: one heel-piece right foot, one heel-piece left foot
Pack contents: 1 pair of heel pads + 1 pouch
Composition: 76% Physio'Choc™ (elastomer), 24% silicone
How to care for your heel pads?
Heel pads are not washable. Discard and replace the device as soon as tears appear in the heel pad or cracks appear in the silicone pad.

What's the difference with gel heel pads?
To be effective, heel pads need to be made of a shock-absorbing material that limits the trauma associated with the foot's impact with the ground. Some gels have this ability (but not all), whereas Physio'Choc™ is very good at this. What's more, because they are extremely flexible, gel heel pads encourage the foot to tilt inwards in a pronated attitude. When worn for long periods, they can lead to pain in areas other than the foot, such as the knee.

How to choose the right heel cup size for heel spurs?
Size S is mainly for small feet, and is more suitable for women. Size L, on the other hand, is better suited to larger feet, and is therefore generally more suitable for men.

How do I know if the heel cup is for the right or left foot?
The end of the heel cup for heel spurs is bevelled. The longer side should come from the inside of the foot.