ERGOSTRAP ankle brace
ERGOSTRAP ankle brace
ERGOSTRAP ankle brace
ERGOSTRAP ankle brace
ERGOSTRAP ankle brace
ERGOSTRAP ankle brace

ERGOSTRAP ankle brace

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Sprained ankle brace that supports and stabilizes the ankle during sports without impeding movement.

Indications for Ergostrap® sports ankle brace
Worried about returning to sport after your sprain? You can now be confident in your support thanks to the Ergostrap® Sport EPITACT® ankle support!
This sprain brace supports and stabilizes fragile ankles (after mild to moderate external sprains, chronic ankle instability, ligament laxity).
The combination of malleolar reinforcements and silicone strapping secures the ankle without impeding movement. This makes it easier to continue and resume your activities. For optimum comfort, its reinforcements are thermoformable: they adapt perfectly to your morphology.

EPITACT® sprain support tests
The Ergostrap® sports ankle support has been tested by professional and amateur athletes*. From the very first use, pain was reduced by 20% and the feeling of stability improved by 43%.
*Evaluation concluded in partnership with INSEP from June 2016 to March 2017, on 9 athletes suffering from chronic ankle instability.

Instructions for use
Wash before 1st use and after use.
Thermoform the ankle support before use.
Wear the ankle support over a sock of sufficient height to avoid discomfort during use. If you use calf compression sleeves, also place them underneath the Ergostrap™ Sport.
Do not use statically, but only when practicing your activity.

How do I thermoform a sprain brace?
Thermoforming consists in adapting the shape of the ankle brace's lateral reinforcements to your morphology. It can be repeated 4 or 5 times, and can be done at home in just a few minutes.

Contraindications of the sport ankle support
Do not use Ergostrap® on skin lesions.
Do not use in cases of arteritis, diabetes, polyneuritis or neuropathy of the lower limbs. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Number of items: sold individually
Right/Left: can be worn on either foot
Pack contents: 1 ankle brace + 1 strapping + 1 pouch + 1 plastic bag + 1 instructions for use + 1 thermoforming instructions
Composition: 50% polyamide/elastane fabric, 32% thermoformable plastic, 18% silicone
How to care for your ankle brace
The sprain ankle support is machine-washable at 30°C, or hand-washable (without rubbing) with soap and water. Do not use detergents or stain removers (bleach, acetone, nail polish remover, etc.). Allow to dry naturally. Do not expose to heat (> 50°C). Discard and replace as soon as fabric or seams show signs of deterioration.

Can I use the sport ankle brace if my ankle is swollen?
Yes, because the thermoformable reinforcements adapt to the shape of the ankle. Once the ankle is no longer swollen, you can re-mold the braces to match the volume of the joint.

Can I wear the ankle brace without strapping or reinforcement?
The aim of the sprain brace is to secure the unstable ankle by limiting lateral movement. It is therefore necessary to use at least the thermoformable braces or strapping over the ankle brace. For optimum effectiveness, we recommend combining the two.

How do I choose the right size?
Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your ankle just above the malleoli. Refer to the size chart. If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the smaller one.