DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens
DUO SPORT Bluetens

DUO SPORT Bluetens

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Duo Sport: Improve your performance: boost your recovery!

Physical preparation, Muscle recovery, Painkiller to treat injuries and muscle pain, Re-education, the Duo Sport covers all your needs as a regular amateur or professional athlete, from medium to high level. Endurance, resistance, strengthening, sheathing, explosiveness, tone, recovery, massages, vascularization, etc., find more than 100 programs in the dedicated and free Application, to work on 16 parts of the body.

Contents of the Duo Sport box

2 devices and their accessories:

● 4 electrode cables: 2 of 15cm (gray) & 2 of 25cm (black)
● 2 USB cables for charging
● 2 Duo Sport wireless adapters
● 1 soft pouch
● 1 user manual

1 pack 4 size M Sport electrodes and 8 size S Sport electrodes
High quality electrodes for better conductivity and diffusion of effects.
1 Carrying bag
The black rigid carrying bag to transport the 2 devices and their accessories.

Technical characteristics

– Control one or two devices
– Run different programs on two different areas of the body
– Dual display function for current programs
– Possibility of skipping the heating and rest phases
– More than 100 built-in programs
– New part of the body: the pectorals
– Positioning of electrodes on anatomical photos
– Statistics function
– Intensity adjustment via control dial or Bluetens application

The Bluetens Application is compatible with Smartphones and tablets equipped with at least Bluetooth 4.0.
Android compatibility: 6 and beyond
iOS compatibility: 7 and beyond

● Compact Design
● Dual function mode (Bluetooth/Standalone)
● Adjusting the intensity on the device
● Medical certified device
● Lightweight! Each device weighs only 25g
● Lithium-ion battery recharges via USB (micro-USB port) in 1 hour and offers 4 to 5 hours of autonomy, no more batteries and endless recharges!
● Automatic pairing via App

● Frequency 1Hz-1200Hz
● Max output current 120 mA (peak), 20 mA average