Corsair for Adductor & Pubalgia | Shortystrap
Corsair for Adductor & Pubalgia | Shortystrap
Corsair for Adductor & Pubalgia | Shortystrap

Corsair for Adductor & Pubalgia | Shortystrap

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Shortystrap, special adductor and pubalgia

The use of the shortystrap is recommended in the following pathologies:

  • Pain syndrome of the Inguino-pubic region: Pubalgia
  • Hip pain overall
  • Pain / Adductor tendinopathy

To be used from the first feeling of pain, its immediate effectiveness is proven by scientific studies “Alleviates pain in 95% of cases or makes it disappear from the first use” (see detailed studies below). It is suitable for the musculature of all athletes (including high level athletes).

⚠️ Wearing the Shortystrap is recommended in complement to therapeutic monitoring (physiotherapy, osteopathy, others ...) to cure a pubalgia. Without this therapeutic follow-up, the use of the Shortystrap will not be optimal.
⚠️ The Shortystrap must be put on directly over your underwear at the risk of altering its effectiveness (do not wear the Shortystrap above or below clothing). If you practice your sports activities in mid-length or tights shorts (long), please opt in these cases for a Shortystrap Corsair or one Shortystrap Long.

How to use and wear the Shortystrap

The game of elastic straps helps reduce the tension on the adductor muscles of the lower limbs. This dump allows a relative resting of the adductor muscles and the pubic region.
The desired effect of bringing the two legs together is essential, which is what greatly contributes to the effectiveness of the Shortystrap. This effect is immediate, the Shortystrap compression shorts will be positioned to ensure that the elastic straps are put under tension (as low as possible towards the knees and as high as possible towards the navel).

We offer an initial protocol of systematic wearing during sports practice until the pain can go away, then once or twice a week for preventive purposes thereafter. The decision on how often to wear the Shortystrap can be made in collaboration with your doctor or physiotherapist.

Choose the size of your Shortystrap

Your Shortystrap will be effective if its size is adapted to your measurements, take the time to accurately measure your different measurements as explained in the size guide to determine the right size for you. 

The effectiveness of Shortystrap proven: scientific studies

QA few extracts from these studies:
  • "We conclude that the Shortystrap is fully recommended for football players with pubalgia and suffering from pain during sports. We also think that its use as an adjunct to sports recovery is an interesting point to raise. "" This study shows us that the Shortystrap will allow players to continue training, but especially competition without modifying their performance. In the amateur world, but especially the professional world, an injured player is a player who is useless to the team, and the Shortystrap will avoid this problem since, in view of the statistical tests, the players are able to achieve the same performances with and without the. Shortystrap The Shortystrap is therefore a very useful tool for footballers, since it allows them to maintain an optimal level of performance despite adductor pain. We must not forget that the size of the Shortystrap is important and too large a size will not be effective, and too small will lead to more muscle building of the adductors. To obtain the desired result from wearing the Shortystrap, the necessary and fair anthropometric measurements must be taken. "The impact of muscle strengthening on the adductors and abductors with the Shortystrap on specific football tests LEFEBVRE Alexis. 2016"We can say that the ShortyStrap in combination with muscle building does not increase the performance of football players. The ShortyStrap therefore helps to maintain physical capacities during practice."Pubalgia, Influence of the Shortystrap and Plantar Orthotics coupling in the improvement of therapeutic management CHICOINE Jérémy - 2017"The results of this study show that the devices applied to the patient with pubalgia have a positive effect on pain (SHORTYSTRAP + Plantar orthotics), and that the combination of the two would have a more interesting impact in order to treat the pathology more quickly. which would be an interesting advantage for the athlete because it is a pathology which is normally long and difficult to apply. "