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Foot blister patches to prevent or relieve pain caused by blisters, irritation or friction burns during sport.

Indications for EPITACT® anti-blister sport patches
EPITACT® sport blister patches effectively protect the skin from friction (blisters, overheating, redness, irritation, burns...) to help maintain performance during sport. They can be used to prevent the formation of a blister, or to immediately relieve a blister that has already formed but has not burst.
These protectors can be used on the feet or any other area of the body subject to rubbing (at a seam, skin-on-skin irritation, overheating from walking poles or backpacks, rubbing of the shoe against the heel, under the arch of the foot...).

How do they work?
Foot blister patches are made from EPITHELIUMTACT 01, a silicone gel with excellent friction-inhibiting and pressure-distributing properties. It also has strong self-adhesive properties, ensuring that the pads stay firmly on the skin.

Tests carried out
The ampoule foot patches have been tested and validated on a diabetic population.

How to use foot blister patches
Use on clean, dry skin.
After use, remove and discard the adhesive backing and place the protection on the storage pouch and in the foil pouch until next use.

Do not use patch ampoules on skin lesions.
For people with diabetes, arteritis, polyneuritis, neuropathy of the lower limbs or varicose ulcers: ask your doctor or chiropodist for advice, and monitor your foot during use.

Number of items: sold in packs of 4
Right/Left: can be worn on either foot
Pack contents: 4 protectors + 12 adhesives + 1 pouch + 1 instruction leaflet
Composition : Patch = 84% silicone, 16% polyamide/elastane fabric + Holding adhesive = PET, silicone paper, acrylic.
How do I care for my patches?
Anti-blister foot patches can be washed by hand (without rubbing) with soap and water. Leave to dry naturally. Discard and replace the device as soon as cracks appear in the gel or the fabric deteriorates.

What's the difference with hydrocolloid dressings?
Hydrocolloid dressings are dressings whose material swells in the presence of water, forming a gel. This type of dressing should normally be used on an oozing wound: the protective gel is formed by the lymph exuded by the wound. In the case of EPITACT® foot blister patches, the gel is already formed and protects the skin from friction to prevent a blister from forming or breaking.

How many times can I wash and reuse the sport blister pads?
Sport blister patches can be washed 4 to 5 times on average. We recommend that you wash them after use to preserve their self-adhesive properties and remove dust and impurities. By cleaning their surface, you restore their original adhesive properties.

How do I use the adhesive pads?
Sport blister patches are supplied with 12 adhesive pads. Once the patch has been applied to the skin, place an adhesive over it. This ensures that the patch stays in place, even under intense sporting conditions (humidity, cold, heat, repeated movements...). Unlike protection, which is washable, adhesives are single-use.