Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"
Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"
Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"
Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"
Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"
Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"
Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"
Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"

Hydration & Carrying Bag 10 Liters"X"

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X: 10 Liters: the ultimate weapon for your ultras & long outings!

The new benchmark in functionality, accessibility and ergonomics.

THE X offers trail enthusiasts & elites the most intelligent, functional and versatile solution. Discover phenomenal stability and comfort in all circumstances.

Volume: 10 liters
Weight: 297g
Unique size

Delivered with 2 500ml flasks


The ingenious design of X offers you a larger volume while remaining ultra compact, breathable, and minimal body footprint.

Its unique design follows one of INSTINCT's essential objectives; Access the most essential items with the greatest ease without removing your bag in mid-effort.

The high back placement allows for X to offer exceptional comfort, stability, and freedom of movement.

Water bag, water bottles or soft flasks, you will have the choice of hydration.

All pockets and adjustments are optimized for natural, intuitive and effortless access.

The unique architecture of its straps will seduce with its design. All of your hydration, nutrition and other needs will be completely within reach.

Secure and immediately access your smartphone through one of the two large zipped pockets.

The honeycomb honeycomb mesh vest is light, flexible and ultra-ventilated. It ensures rapid evaporation of perspiration without sacrificing strength or reliability.é.

Coupled with the movable chest straps, our exclusive lateral elastic lacing system guarantees ideal adaptation to different sizes.

Enjoy exceptional stability, maximum freedom of movement, exceptional accessibility and unrestricted breathing.

2 650ml hydration pockets + self-locking elastic compression cord. High position ideal for hydrating without removing the container!
2 500ml refueling pockets + internal elastic cord. Large storage volume and perfect accessibility.
2 XL zipped pockets to secure and store your smartphone or other important items.
1 150ml zipped shoulder pocket + rigid internal cord + emergency whistle all your safety, comfort and care essentials …

1 high horizontal pocket of 800ml + elastic self-locking compression cord. Access without removing the bag to your rain jacket from the first drops!
2 lower horizontal pockets. Central access to your safety kit, headpiece(s), gloves, arm warmers..
1 vertical pocket with locking clip + Velcro suspension. Compatible with 1.5L water bag.
1 main compartment of 4L with closure. Large U-shaped opening for easy access in all circumstances.s.

STICK HOLDER and more!
3 pole holder solutions. At the front: right & left vertically // At the rear: horizontally or vertically.

2 mobile chest straps with clips mounted on 20cm sliders: customizable adjustments in height, width and angulation.
2 self-locking double S elastic laces. Lateral adjustments & adjustments during the race.e.
3 elastic self-locking compression cords in the upper and lower back pockets.