Avatara Hybrid Trail Poles
Avatara Hybrid Trail Poles
Avatara Hybrid Trail Poles
Avatara Hybrid Trail Poles
Avatara Hybrid Trail Poles
Avatara Hybrid Trail Poles

Avatara Hybrid Trail Poles

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Resistant and compact trail poles

Combining sturdiness and flexibility, the Avatara hybrid poles are ultra-versatile and ultra-compact with the sole purpose of accompanying you on all your trail outings, all seasons!


Avatara trail poles are the best companions over the 4 seasons. They know how to adapt to all terrains thanks to the 3 different tips (universal, snow and trecking). Their 3D Eva foam handles are longer to provide comfort in all circumstances. No matter how you grip the handle, the hold is assured.


With 240g per stick, you won't feel them! They have been designed to take up no space when carrying (37.5cm folded). The best materials have been carefully selected (aluminum and carbon composition) to facilitate trail running, even in the most difficult efforts.


Designed by trailers, these trail poles meet the needs of solidity and durability. Composed of aluminum and carbon, they combine resistance, robustness and flexibility. Add to that their tungsten carbide tips which provide substantial reinforcement to the poles to accompany you on all your trail outings.

- Weight: 240g each

- Unfolded lengths: 110cm / 130cm

- Folded lengths (folds in 4): 37.5cm

- Section diameters: 16/14/12 mm

- 4 folding carbon and aluminum strands

- R-lock quick locking system

- Soft, lightweight and adjustable handle strap

- Large ergonomic 3D EVA foam handle

- Comes with 3 tips: universal, snow and trecking

- Rubber hiking tip

- Storage hook loop

Composite carbon/aluminum mix strand: for light and resistant poles

63% Aluminium 37% Carbone

These trail poles are the result of a thoughtful and balanced mix between aluminum and carbon. The rigidity and resistance is provided by the carbon, mainly on the support zones to support the most difficult efforts. The aluminum makes the zones, which undergo the most constraints, more flexible and light. An effective balance between lightness and resistance