TREK EVO COMPRESSION hiking socks (black)
TREK EVO COMPRESSION hiking socks (black)

TREK EVO COMPRESSION hiking socks (black)

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The socks Trek compression EVO is the only hiking socks benefiting from targeted compression to calves (BV SPORT patent). Combining comfort and technicality , this stocking also offers a anatomical respect , right foot, foot left as well as areas of reinforcements and protections targeted for a efficiency optimal.


Selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of athletes, improves venous return, optimizes muscle strain during each impact on the ground, and reduces significantly parasitic vibrations and oscillations. Worn regularly, the TREK compression EVO range of hiking socks repels the phenomenon of heavy legs, lowers the fatigue threshold, reduces the risk of muscle soreness, considerably reduces the risk of injury and muscle damage and prepares you for recovery right from the effort.


Rigid mesh and targeted pressure at the calf. Improves venous return and accelerates the elimination of toxins (CO 2 , free radicals) accumulated in the calf. Limits muscular oscillations and vibrations. Repel the phenomenon of heavy legs and lower the threshold of fatigue. Reduces the appearance of periostitis and DOMS.


Soft and ventilated mesh positioned at the level of the tibia. Protection of sensitive pre-tibial structures (Periosteum, superficial nerves and Microcirculation). Improves comfort and feeling. Reduces the appearance of periostitis.


Limits friction and plantar irritation. Promotes comfort during exertion.


Effectively supports the sock without tourniquet effect during exertion.


Combination of stabilizing knitting and lightweight knitting at the flex point of the ankle joint. This technique allows an optimal adjustment of the positioning of the sock and facilitates the movement of the foot at the level of the ankle joint.