Compression Recovery Socks | EVO COMFORT
Compression Recovery Socks | EVO COMFORT

Compression Recovery Socks | EVO COMFORT

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Range EVO COMFORT defatigue and comes  relax the legs throughout the day. It is suitable for professional activities made of trampling seated stations or prolonged standing and is recommended when transport in carbustrain and plane.

With targeted compression in the calves, the COMFORT EVO compression stockings are ideal for everyday use. Targeted compression, specifically adapted to the calf, a real vascular and muscular sponge, allows the elimination of toxins accumulated throughout the day.

Its reinforced knitting in the calf improves muscle support, reduces parasitic oscillatory movements and vibrations, which cause fatigue and muscle damage.

The wide ribbed edge of the sock avoids tightening and the tourniquet effect. The toe and heel have been reinforced with Friction Free for optimal comfort, anti-blister and anti-friction.

The Y-SPORT system protects the nerves and tendons on the sliding pulley.

This range is recommended during your phases of travel by plane, train, bus or car to prevent edema and heaviness in the legs.

The Comfort EVO sock is complementary to the ProRecup Elite range of recovery socks which will be used at the end of the day.

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