AEROSIZE User Manual

Here are videos to guide you in using your AEROSIZE vest

VSHow to repack the AEROSIZE Vest ONE airbag in the snow:
  • easy-to-repack hybrid airbag
  • right on the snow
  • with gloves

How to repack the AEROSIZE Vest ONE airbag:
How to install the gas cartridges:

 Components of the vest:

  • main loop
  • leg loop
  • trigger and trigger pocket
  • cartridges and cartridge pouch
  • deflation tubes
Put on and adjust the vest:
Activation of the vest:

Airbag deployment: 


Putting on a backpack with the vest:



No avalanche airbag system can replace the avalanche rescue kit, and only supplements it.

The AEROSIZE Avalanche airbag vest must be used with other avalanche : avalanche detector, shovel and probe.
Avalanche training is essential before entering an avalanche risk area. Know how to avoid avalanches and what to do if you get caught in an avalanche.